February is Pet Dental Health Awareness Month!!

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February is 
National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month! Pet dental health is important to your furry friends over all health. Routine dental check ups and preventative care can help prevent serious health risks associated with oral disease.

What is Dental Disease in Pets?
Dental disease also known as Periodontal disease is gingivitis (inflammation & redness of the gums) and periodontitis (loss of bone and soft tissue around the teeth).

How does Dental Disease happen in pets?
After eating, bacteria, food and saliva begin to form plaque almost immediatley on your dogs teeth. The plaque builds up causing tartar. The tartar creates a rough surface for bacteria to grow and live!! This leads to gingivitis as the gums become inflamed and bleed, which leads to periodontal disease that can result in tooth loss. 

Signs of Dental Disease:
  • Bad Breath - (IT IS NOT NORMAL) Bad breath can be from bacteria and decaying food causing an infection in your dogs mouth.
  • Loss of appetite - With the inflammation and infection comes pain (similar to a human) associated with the bad teeth. Your pet may have a loss of appetite due to discomfort when chewing.  
  • Swelling - When the infection gets to the root, it creates an abscess, which can lead to swelling around the nose, eyes, or jaw. 
  • Inflamed Gums - "Gingivitis" swelling, redness or bleeding around the gum line. 
A dental cleaning will remove the bacteria and any diseased teeth. Cleaning under the gums and polishing the surface of the teeth. 
This is also important as the bacteria build up in your pets mouth can lead to disease of the kidney, heart and liver. 

What can you do after the dental procedure?
  • Regular brushing of your pets teeth, with pet specific toothpaste!
  • Feed a veterinary approved dental diet, specifically formulated to reduce plaque and tartar build up.
  • Use oral chews and toys to reduce plaque build up.  
  • Use a water additive to reduce bacteria build up. 
Want to teach your pet to enjoy teeth brushing? Watch this video “Positive reinforcement Tooth brushing”

By Isabel Wylie

 To celebrate Pet Dental Health Awareness Month we are offering $60 off your pet's teeth cleaning and polish through the month of February. Call our office for more details and schedule your pet's dental procedure today!