Flea & Tick Control Options

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  • SIMPARICA is a monthly chewable for flea and tick protection for dogs that start working fast and remain effective all month long. SIMPARICA starts killing fleas within 3 hours and ticks within 8 hours and is effective against fleas and ticks for 35 days. SIMPARICA is available for dogs 6 months and older.
  •  BRAVECTO  is a 3 month flea & tick control oral tasty chew that begins to kill fleas within hours and ticks within 1 day of being ingested. BRAVECTO is available for dogs 6 months & older. Try BRAVECTO today !

  •  SERESTO is an 8 month flea & tick control collar that begins to kill fleas & ticks within 24 hours of  being placed on your pet. SERESTO is available for dogs 7 weeks & older and cats 10 weeks & older.

  • Frontline Gold is a monthly topical for dogs and cats 8 weeks and older that kills fleas and ticks through contact with your pet's hair coat. No biting necessary! When you purchase flea & tick in our clinic you get a free dose for every 3 you buy! Buy 3 Frontline Gold get 1 FREE, buy 6 get 2 FREE!

  • Pararstar Plus is a monthly topical that starts to kill fleas & ticks with in an hour! Pararstar Plus is available for dogs only 12 weeks and older.

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Click on the images to learn more about any of the above products. Consult your veterinarian to choose a product that is best for you and your pet.