Happy Camper Initiative

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The veterinarians and staff at Morristown Animal Hospital are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming and as stress-free as possible for both our clients and their pets. We understand that being away from loved ones at home can be difficult for pets and now offer “Chill Pills” (anti-anxiety supplements and medications) to make their time here more comfortable. Boarding can be stressful for your cat or dog. Zylkene helps your pet stay calm when their routine is disrupted. In clinical studies, Zylkene significantly improved exploratory behavior, social contact with others and sleep patterns. These behaviors are an important part of the happy camper experience. Zylkene can help your pet rest easy and enjoy their stay.Our vets also ask your permission to evaluate your pet's stress level and administer Trazodone (for dogs) and Gabapentin (for cats) if supplementation with Zylkene is not enough to make your pet comfortable. This will be done under the supervision of our diligent staff to ensure your pet is safe as well as calm.  

We now recommend daily supplementation with Zylkene as a standard boarding practice for an additional charge of $3 per day.

This daily charge also includes the use of Trazodone or Gabapentin if necessary or elected.

Please refer to the Fact Sheets below for more information regarding this supplement and the medications mentioned. We appreciate your willingness to allow us to enhance our boarding practices and strive to make our hospital a home away from home for your furry family members.

Zylkene Facts Sheet

Trazodone Facts Sheet

Gabapentin Facts Sheet

Sample of the Happy Camper Consent form 

Also for your convenience the boarding consent forms are available on our website if you would like to fill them out prior to drop off!   

Thank you, 

The Doctors & Staff 

Morristown Animal Hospital