Halloween Pet Safety 

Halloween can be spooktacular fun for us and our pets as long as we are all safe!! 



Pets love treats, so be sure to keep them away from the trick or treating candy!! Be sure to keep the candy bowl out of reach to prevent illness and possible toxicity. 

Do not feed your pet:

  • Chocolate
  • Food or candy containing the artificial sweetener Xylotil.
  • Food or candy with raisins or grapes.
  • Macadamias
  • Foil candy wrappers

Check out a list of toxicity at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control website: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control

Keep pets safe & calm

Trick or treating brings many visitors!! If your pet is unsure of strangers (especially in costume) or tries to escape when the door opens then consider keeping your pet in a safe area. Be sure your pet has on a collar with proper identification. 


Halloween decorations are fun and scary!! But keep watch with pets! Be sure to keep all cords and wires away from pets who like to chew.

Flickering flames on jack o lanterns are very festive but can be dangerous if knocked over by curious kitties and pups! Do not leave them unattended with pets or try the battery operated candles. 


We love those cute costumes, but only if your furry friend is compliant. Putting on a costume can be undue stress to some pets while others love dressing up. So be sure your pet is not stressed putting that cape on! 

  • Be sure the costume is not too restrictive.
  • make sure there are no small pieces your pet can ingest.
  • Be sure to get a pet specific costume.


Be sure to keep your pet safe and comfortable on Halloween! Constant visitors can be stressful to pets, even known family member can be unrecognizable to a pet when they are wearing a costume. Give your pet a safe place to escape to if they are feeling stressed. Be sure to keep your pets collar and identification on, and their microchip information up to date. If yo plan to take your dog trick or treating with your family use a reflective leash so they can be seen in the dim night. 

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!! 

The Doctors & Staff @ Morristown Animal Hospital