Connect with your veterinarian

from the comfort of your home or vehicle!

With our new Airvet app, you'll be able to virtually connect with your veterinarian in many ways, whether it’s live video, audio, or chat.

Through Airvet, we can also provide virtual follow-up exams, post-ops, and client communication.  During this time when it’s vital to remain safe, we can also provide contact-free access to your pet’s exam from the comfort of your car!


To ensure the highest access to your pet’s care, please be sure to have the app on your smartphone. You can download it here:





Getting started:

  1. Open the Airvet app
  2. Sign up and add your pet (a photo is not necessary but always cute!)
  3. Tap the menu bar in the upper left corner and select My Doctors 
  4. Enter Morristown Animal Hospital and select your veterinarian from the list. (Please be sure to select the Vet working in the office the day of your appointment)
  5. To change the veterinarian:
    1.  tap the menu bar select My Doctors
    2. Tap the pencil icon in the right hand corner
    3. Enter Morristown Animal Hospital
    4. Select your veterinarian


To request your appointment:

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. Select your pet
  3. Select My Vet
  4. Follow the prompts for the appointment request
  5. Payment info must be entered, but will be waived by our doctor for in- hospital visits only.

Call us when you arrive and we will check you in and let you know when we are ready to receive your pet at the side vestibule to begin the exam.



See you on Airvet!! 


The Doctors & Staff of Morristown Animal Hospital